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Age One Dental Fun: Learn With Your Kids

Parenting is so hard! I know. I have two children of my own, and being a parent is full of decision making. What do I feed them? Should I give them juice or just milk? How often should they be bathed? How much sleep do they need? And, of course, when do I take them to the dentist for the first time. I wrote an article in the Lansing State Journal a few days ago discussing this very topic.

Here is the link to the article. It explains why it’s so important to bring them in to see us by age one, or when their first tooth erupts.

It’s summer, so it’s the perfect time to get your kids into the dentist and check that necessity off of your list. We make it easy for you when you come in. We have a kids area that helps occupy the fidgety kiddos (we even have a fidget spinner). Our professional building offers a walkway in the atrium area as well.

It’s important to have a good team of healthcare professionals for your children and for yourself. If you do have children or grandchildren, please come and visit us at our office or around the greater Lansing area this summer. We will be in the office for treatment, and out of the office to help educate as many people as possible about the value of caring for our oral health. A smile is priceless and means so much to each person. An early start with an age one visit for all children is a first great step…maybe even before your child’s first step!


Dr. Lisa Knowles is a practicing dentist located between Haslett and East Lansing, Michigan. She speaks nationally on a variety of topics, including oral and systemic health connections and leadership development for dental teams. She is trained in care for young children and in dental trauma and emergency care. She is known for her gentle touch and great listening ear. These skills help her diagnose difficult problems and help her get to the root cause of her patients’ diseases. Call her office today at 517-332-1000 for your next dental health and wellness check up and exam. 


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